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RxJava 2.0 is released

I've translated a InfoQ's article about RxJava 2.0 into Japanese.

RxJava 2.0 quite differs from version 1.0. Summary of differences is in RxJava's website.

By the way, JDK 9 supports Reactive Stream (JEP 266).

JEP 266: More Concurrency Updates

The Reactive Streams spec will be included as java.util.concurrent.Flow. It has 4 interfaces in this spec.

  • Flow.Processor<T,R>: A component that acts as both a Subscriber and Publisher.

  • Flow.Publisher: A producer of items (and related control messages) received by Subscribers.

  • Flow.Subscriber: A receiver of messages.

  • Flow.Subscription: Message control linking a Flow.Publisher and Flow.Subscriber.

Instead of this, we will need a reactive stream library like RxJava or Spring Web Reactive after release of JDK 9.